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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Astro-Plan-It™ Planner/Calendar the same for everyone?
Is the Astro-Plan-It™ Calendar fail proof?
What if I have to do something essential on a date that isn’t a flow date?

What Others are Saying…

“I have used Astro-Plan-It™ dates for near constant travel along with scheduling important meetings and events for over a decade and have found Astro-Plan-It™ over 80% reliable. It’s quite impressive!

Tom J.

A simple, but brilliant tool for planning! My life is infinitely easier, thanks to using the Astro-Plan-It™ over the years. A must-have for me!

Debra M.

“I have noticed a difference on the (Astro-Plan-It™) flow days and look at it for all my important dates, personal and professional, including my first date with ____ (my fiance), and my website launch. Both are going well! I am a fan of Astro-Plan-It™.

Susan E.

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