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     It was in Poor Richard’s Almanac that Ben Franklin wrote about astrology, saying: “Oh the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there . . . If you had but the skill to read . . . “

. . . , but the good news is you don’t have to because now, it’s been read and put into this beautiful easy-to-read calendar for you. An expert astrologer and graphic designer’s creation allows you to benefit at a glance, plain and simple, the best days of the month where taking any action is likely to give you the best possible outcome. Period. Shown in the format of an ordinary calendar, this advance knowledge of when life “flows easily and effortlessly” could be vital to your success . . . And accessing it is almost as easy as breathing.     

“I have used Astro-Plan-It™ dates for near constant travel along with scheduling important meetings and events for over a decade and have found Astro-Plan-It™ over 80% reliable. It’s quite impressive.” ~ Tom J.

The primary benefit of using Astro-Plan-It™ “lucky flow” days for your important scheduling is usually noticeable at once… and is cumulative as time marches on.

“What we pay attention to comes to life.” ~ Lono Ho’ala

     When you pay enough attention to how your life is flowing in cooperation with All That Is, your understanding evolves. Eventually, you come to realize how profoundly relaxed and aware you’ve become. And how your whole life is flowing, in a way it never has before. And all that had to happen was for you to stop, and consistently connect your choices with planetary energies and influences that support your flow.

A whole new world opens up in and around you, ultimately revealing to you the most profound understandings a human being can have. But like all journeys in life, this one begins with the first step.

Confucius taught his followers that, “Heaven sends down its good and evil symbols and wise men act accordingly.”


There can be a significant benefit to you when you begin scheduling your appointments below on flow days whenever possible but use common sense when needed. (Flow days are merely that. Some days though, we just can’t flow, for one reason or another, and we learn then, too. The Universe knows what it is doing.) 

Your Dentist and Other Health Care Providers
Your Hairdresser
Your Accountant
Your Lawyer
Your Important Client
Your Stylists
Your Employers
Your Employees

Your Teacher or Mentor
Your FIRST appointments with a coach or mentor, etc.
Your FIRST class, (whether teaching or enrolling.)
Your Gallery Openings
Your First Dates with a Special Someone
Your Engagement Party
Your Wedding Day

“Easy to Understand. Easy to follow. Direct. Concise. Accuracy is outstanding.” ~ Kristen B.
Avoid buying “lemons” and buyer’s remorse! Look to your Astro-Plan-It™ to plan big purchases, including:

Real Estate Business
Car Technology
Clothing and Accessories
Investments etc… (Invest responsibly – Astro-Plan-It™ is meant to be a “helper” tool, not a 100% reliable measure of how your investment will turn out. While your “odds” are best on “flow days,” always use common sense and expert advice in these and other matters requiring same.)

      “I’ve been criticized and ridiculed for turning to astrology, but after a while, I reached the point where I didn’t care.” ~ Nancy Reagan

Also use your Astro-Plan-It™ 2018 for:

Travel Plans (BEGIN your travels on a Flow Day.)
Special Requests
Signing of Applications
Signing of Contracts
Significant Communications
Job and Other Interviews
Important Dates of All Sorts (Weddings, Launching a Business, etc..)
Important Conversations with Loved Ones
Having Major Repairs Done

     “Tapping into Astro-Plan-It™ knowledge is like having an astrological weather expert on your side at all times. “ ~ A.G. Thorsteinsson, Entrepreneur

Long term benefits from using your Astro-Plan-It™:

Develop your Intuitive Faculties for determining Flow
Assess the flow of energy in and around you and in various situation
Broaden your Perspective
Enjoy a useful and gentle guide to awareness, awakening and enlightenment
Deepen and expand spiritual growth
Enjoy a relaxed state of mind Laugh more, Light up more!

“Technically, Flow is defined as an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.” ~ Stephen Kotler

What Astro-Plan-It™ is, and How It Works

Astro-Plan-It™ is simply put, a calendar, albeit a unique one. We are all aware of the power of the Sun and the Moon and how their influence on us is felt, studied and recognized. It is not much of a stretch of reason to realize that this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our connection with the stars . . . .

“Though Astrology is like a deep ocean… anybody can get knowledge through going deeply in water and get some drops of nectar of this divine knowledge.” ~ Onkarlal Sharma Premad

     In fact, it is possible, with advanced software, to plot out planetary FLOW days along with contrasting CONTRACTION days. Carefully “planning with the planets,” all your significant decisions to help ensure safety, success and optimum outcomes in your daily trek through life. Astro-Plan-It™ makes it easy for you!

Pythagoras called astrology, “the music of the spheres.”

     Here’s how it works. In each month, you will see that the best dates are artistically blocked out in pale “white.” These are easy to spot. Each block contains an exact “Begins” time for when the FLOW days begin and flow straight through until the designated “Ends” time.

It is between the “Begins” and “Ends” times that one has the very best chance of success. You’ll find more information on your calendar, but this much will get you started.

“Relax . . .  and it all comes to you . . .”  ~ Osho

     Finally, you might begin to wonder about those who have used Astro-Plan-It™ for years. Many users notice their inner ability to flow has evolved after daily and prolonged use of Astro-Plan-It™. No longer is it about picking lucky days out of the calendar, but about how one’s life flows in new ways. Life, in general, is less stressful than when one began. The user has learned to calm down, relax and be more at peace with themselves. And it is in this relaxed state of living that the Truth of Who We Really Are begins to Reveal Itself. And this is, after all, the most important thing . . .

“Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.” ~ Steven Forrest.

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