Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Astro-Plan-It™ Planner/Calendar the same for everyone? 

FLOW dates are the cream of the crop and can be compared to changing weather. We all know how those perfect warm sunny days uplift most everyone. Other days are partially sunny, a few are cloudy, while others are chaotic and stormy pressing everyone to stay indoors. There are endless variances in the weather, and this is so with astrology, too. Astrologers have long known events tend to evolve and complete satisfactorily when certain aspects are at play between planets. While there is more time consuming and expensive ways to set an exact time and date for a once in a life-time event, say a wedding, for example, one based on integrating both the natal or birth charts of those individuals directly involved with astrology’s best days, FLOW dates can, . . . And usually, do work for most people.

Is the Astro-Plan-It™ Calendar fail proof?

Astro-Plan-It™ is uncannily accurate when it comes to successful outcomes, sometimes even stunningly so, depending on a variety of factors. Many understand that Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, contributes 30% to the well-being of an environment. The Astro-Plan-It™ Calendar is very similar. It plays a meaningful part, and you’ll want assurance that other supports for your plans are also in place for a successful experience and outcome. There is no astrological system including this one that is ultimately failproof at the current level of human knowledge, and this is as it should be. For one thing, it reminds us to avoid putting our faith or search for the ultimate answers outside ourselves but to turn within when it comes to actualizing our full potential. Plus, the Universe may have better plans for us that we don’t know about yet, so be flexible, and learn as you go how it best works for you.

What if I have to do something really important on a date that isn’t a good date? 

First of all, fear not. Some days tend to flow easier than others, and sure, why not go for the gusto when we can, but other days also contain lessons for us to learn, which are very important to our growth and development. It helps to recognize that our spiritual Source always has our best interests at heart and our best interests are being played out whether we know it or not. Trust and do the best you can, while holding fast to letting go of worries, fears, and judgment. Every day has its gifts and value..

Does Mercury Retrograde affect Astro-Plan-It™ flow days?

“Mercury Retrograde” means it is time to turn within, reassess and reconsider your next direction, not the best time to begin important actions or make major purchases. But, If you must, do these on a Flow Day if possible.

What is the highest perspective through which to view these dates?  

Astrology is part of the All That Is, and as such, holds valuable gifts for us to partake. Rather than segmenting the days into good, bad, right or wrong, the idea is to experience how these cream-of-the-crop FLOW days work for you. Let us know, too, so we can improve our service to you. We welcome testimonies and any feedback that will help us continue to be of loving service in integrity and commitment to excellence.

Why are there only “Begin” and “End” times each month?  Why not share astrological specifics?

It’s simple. The  Astro-Plan-It™ Calendar was created especially for the layperson to astrology. All the “astrologese speak” is removed because, from professional experience, most people don’t care to spend time learning astrology when they only want to know the best time to do a thing. There are lovely and educational calendars available to those who have the astrological know-how, but here, all of the hard work is done for you with the added bottom-line benefit of demonstrating the best days in which to take action. It is visually compiled according to ancient horary astrology principles and formulas. The Astro-Plan-It Calendar is where you get the bottom line, and can plan with the stars, know when lucky flow days begin, and when they end.

Who is behind Astro-Plan-It™?

Professional Astrologer, Kaye Sturgis, and Grahic and Web Designer Larry Sturgis,

“Wow … I am so proud of you. This is AMAZZZZZZZZZZING …. you two are such an inspiration. The calendar is so beautiful … Larry’s graphics are breathtaking, and the world should be more aware of your talents, knowledge and wisdom Kaye.” ~ Mayr

Astro-Plan-It™, at your service:

Kaye Sturgis writes, co-creates and promotes wisdom pearls that are often a catalyst for self-transformation in the receiver. She is entirely aware that the latter is a two-way street. We are all learning from and teaching each other, hopefully pointing the way to the Ultimate Truth, and the most important thing, understanding who We Really Are.

Larry Sturgis is an artist, healer, graphic and web designer. Astro-Plan-It™ would not be what it is without his passion that makes it a visual work of art and heart.

**The Astro-Plan-It™ Calendar is currently only available in Eastern Standard and Eastern Daylight Time Zone, so remember to make the adjustment if you live in another time zone. (Subtract one hour for Central Time, subtract two hours for Mountain Time and subtract three hours for Pacific time.) Look to the future for more options. Thank you for your patience.