What Others are Saying About Astro-Plan-It™ Planner/Calendar

“Thank you for all the work you do for us. We get so much out of it (Astro-Plan-It™ Planner/Calendar). That’s why we keep coming back for more flow dates.” ~ Mario J.

“Thank you so much.  Astro-Plan-It™ is a beautiful calendar, and I’m already using its advice. You’re right! It works.” ~ Lala H.

“It’s a beautiful calendar and I’m already beginning to see what it can do. I want to be sure I’m on your mailing list for the next Astro-Plan-It™. Thank you so much.” ~ Jean K. 

“Weather and astrology are similar in that both are potent forces of nature showing up in our lives every day. Fortunately, we have access to the Weather Channel where we can access expert advice on the weather outlook for the days ahead.  Therefore, we can prepare and dress for success on a good day or cover up before the storms arrive.

Not the same with astrology.  Only a select few have the access, the knowledge, and the wisdom to interpret these forceful powers of nature that affect every aspect of our lives. Therefore, most people have not been able to prepare for the cosmic “weather” in their lives. Not having that forecast (chart) at hand every day is like going out and about, oblivious to the storms on the horizon that will hit with a surprise, causing people to wonder what happened.

I believe it has never been as important a time as now to have access to the information astrology provides on a daily basis.  We have already been hit by too many surprise storms, lately.  Enough is enough!

Tapping into Astro-Plan-It™ knowledge is like having an astrological weather expert on your side at all times.” ~ A.G. Thorsteinsson, Entrepreneur

“Wow … I am so proud of you. This is AMAZZZZZZZZZZING …. you two are such an inspiration. The calendar is so beautiful … Larry’s graphics are breathtaking, and the world should be more aware of your talents, knowledge and wisdom, Kaye. I am so touched and honored by this gift. I will tell all my magickal friends about Astro-Plan-It™.” ~ Mayr B. 

“My 7th edition of Astro-Plan-It™–I’m so glad you began-it!! Thank you!” ~ Aniya M.

“I have used Astro-Plan-It™ dates for near constant travel along with scheduling important meetings and events for over a decade and have found Astro-Plan-It over 80% reliable. It’s quite impressive.” ~ Tom J.

“I just checked in with February’s Astro-Plan-It™ days, to discover we had intuitively picked great (flow) days to travel, the 6th and 15th! Thank you for helping us to know that we are in the flow. I appreciate you both and all the good work and love you put out each month to share your wisdom with us.” ~ Melissa G.

“I really have noticed a difference on the (Astro-Plan-It™) flow days, and look at it for all my important dates, personal and professional, including my first date with ______ (my fiancé), and my website launch. Both are going well! I am a fan of Astro-Plan-It™.” ~ Susan E.

“The first year I used Astro-Plan-It™ it was a fun experiment with an amazing, but simple teaching tool. Not only did my schedule seem to flow significantly better (except during Mercury Retrogrades!), but inwardly, I felt better, much less stressed, overall, and have found that using flow days works most of the time.   After several years of using Astro-Plan-It™ planners, I sometimes practice picking my flow days, and then checking Astro-Plan-It™ to find it’s a match! Using this planner has helped me develop my intuitive faculties. What a lot of gain for minimal effort.” ~ Stuart T.

When is the new Astro-Plan-It™ coming out? I hope it’s soon!” ~ Tracy K.